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To Our Partners and Friends,

As we celebrate the milestones Eduhealthkenya has made in different projects, we invite you to join us in a shared mission of positive impact. Reflecting on our recent implementation of Green Energy and peace-building project 111, we're inspired by the powerful change we can create together.
Education and Health for Children in Kenya (EduhealthKenya) remains committed to our mission of serving communities and individuals across various communities in Kenya and beyond. Fundraising plays a vital role in enabling us to create positive change. We invite you to join us by contributing and extending this message to your networks.
How Your Contributions Make an Impact
  • $10 Donation: This supports team communication needs, such as data for our leaders and their teams, ensuring effective coordination and outreach.
  • $30 Donation: This supports local group discussions such as school fees and trainings by covering travel costs for our ECD teachers and volunteers. This amount can also provide a month’s supply of essential health medications to mothers and children.
  • $50 Donation: Direct operations and crisis response, including food for those in need and support for domestic violence to create peace in families.
  • $100+ Donation: Goes to supporting young girls to join tertiary trainings to avoid early marriages and early pregnancies.
Easy Ways to Donate:
  • Go to the "Donation" section below for secure and straightforward payment options.
  • Or indicate in the form given here on how you want to give your donation.
  • For our international leaders wishing to contribute in other forms, please contact us via email: click to email
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    Hear what partners say...
    "I no longer walk 4 kms to fetch dirty water. Never would I have imagined such change to have water come to the community.’’
    Angelina Obong’o; one of the elders whose home is closest to the school.
    ‘’We’ve put darkness behind us. With solar lights in every classroom, the pupils can study late evening and at dawn, without worries about power outages’’
    Richard Olala;
    the headteacher.
    "We no longer must sit on stones. This is a great change in the school.’’
    Penina Adhiambo;
     a grade six pupil.